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Very informative Beryl, but I'm having difficulty trying to decide which form of aggression my dog has as it's only related to one dog in the pack. The rest of them he gets on with perfectly fine, including the little ones. He's a teenager so I'm wondering if it's a dominance thing, and trying to be the boss over my Galgo Kacey. And yet with the little dogs he is so submissive and rolls on his back, whether male or female. And my little timid Pearl absolutely loves him. Just can't work it out at the moment. Btw he is a galgo x, possibly with a mastin

Beryl Brennan

When my little podenca Bebe arrived many years ago, she had run ins with my Swedish Valhund bitch...both of them were dominant dogs. The galgos have all been submissive, which is why Bracken's change of attitude so surprised us. Has your boy been with you for a few years; is the galga dominant? Who was there first? Glad you found the article informative and thanks for reading and commenting.

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