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John Nimmo

I accidentally ran across The Galgos when watching Matilda crying on Galgos Del sol animal rescue on youtube. I did some research about the Galgos because I didn't know anything about them until I read an article on National Geographic about the annihilation of the Galgos in Spain. That article literally broke my heart and I was in tears and haven't slept well ever since I read about the horrendous things are done to this absolutely beautiful breed of dog. I sat down and wrote a 3 page letter that I was going to send to President Ronald Trump, but I was told by several friends that my letter wouldn't be read due to the coronavirus pandemic and would be thrown away. I'm only one person in the States, but is there anything I can do do to make people aware of what is going on in Spain with these poor dogs?


John Nimmo
Fresno, California, USA

Beryl Brennan

Thank you for your comment. Over the decades many associations have tried to improve the situation for the galgos and podencos, without success. Problem is that hunters are from all walks of life, from government ministers to judges, police, town mayors and more. So they don't want a change. I've run letter writing petitions on my blog, to send to the government, with no success. To help, here is a link to the rescue associations by country, there are many in the US and you could help them. Also the proceeds from the sale of my books are donated to rescues to help injured and sick hounds. Thank you for caring. https://www.galgonews.com/list-of-galgo-podenco-rescue-and-rehoming-associations-1-2013.html

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