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My dogs get raw big knuckle beef bones 2-3 times a year. These dont splinter if raw, though they do get smelly after a day or two but that passes. It was a vet who advised me to do this, it is massively more effective than 'dental' chews or dog 'toothpaste' or any of the other high priced items on the market, with the huge bonus that it helps fulfil the dogs' behavioural needs - chewing is a major important activity for a healthy, mentally satisfied dog. It is so satisfying for the dogs that when you are ill or otherwise cant get to walk them, it helps to replace that need temporarily. And my vets over the years have regularly commented on what lovely clean healthy teeth my dogs have, even the older ones.

Beryl Brennan

My dogs only had raw knuckle marrow bones too, but Pepsi still managed to break a piece off. I could not give them to my two current male galgos as they would fight over them.

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