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Absolutely appalling what has been done to this galgo. No excuse whatsover.

It's essential Spain stopped working in medieval times.........................

Becky Johnson

I had no idea these atrocities were happening and in 2019. I live in the United States and just accidentally
learned about the Podenco and Galgo. I don't understand why this is happening. Does this need to be exposed
more and especially here in the States??? This is totally unacceptable!! Is the Humane Society of the U.S.
aware? Must be, huh?

Alright. What can my friends and I do?

Becky Johnson


Hi Becky...yes, it's Spain today! Over 100,000 galgos are disposed of one way or another by galgueros each February onwards, as they won't keep them over summer when there is no hunting. You will find a list of rescue and rehoming associations on this link and there are many in the US which would welcome your support. You can find out a great deal more by buying a copy of my definitive guides to the galgo and podenco - they suffer the same treatment as the galgos - From Heaven to Hell and From Pyramid to Perrera, the links for which are on the home page of my blogs. Thank you for caring. https://www.galgonews.com/list-of-galgo-podenco-rescue-and-rehoming-associations-1-2013.html

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