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Cant imagine why anyone would not want a galgo in their lives! The most wonderful, funny gentle, loving, cheeky, playful, dogs around, human without the cruelty of humans. I adore my three beautiful galgas, 10 years, 3 years and 1 year old, and my gorgeous galgo/mastin cross, 19 months. And the podencos are wonderful too - I wouldnt be without my three canarian podencos, 10 years, and 4 and 4 years and my little podenco cross nearly 5 years. All gorgeous, sweet-natured, so clever, so cheeky, the loves of my life along with my mestiza Luisa, 6 years old now and with me since a tiny puppy.They all get on together, they all fit together, they seem to understand and be bound by their dreadful past lives in Spanish hell.

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