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Poor boy he's lovely. I can't give him a home but I will make a donation. I get so fed up of the excuses that people come up with. A DOG IS FOR LIFE (unless you get mowed down by a bus or some such there is no excuse). My older dog has Lymphangiectasia and Irritable Bowel Disease. She was very ill last year and nearly died. She spent a week at the Willows Animal Hospital in Birmingham. Her treatment cost £6,000 (thank goodness for insurance but either way I would have paid it even if I had to sell my car to get the money). She was very poorly and had terrible diarrhoea (often in the house - which mortified her as she's a beautiful clean girl) for months. We did everything we could for her, she has to have medication, special food but she is now stable and well. Some people see their pets as disposable 'things', I see mine as family. Also didn't they know about their schedules before they adopted him?

Beryl Brennan

Thanks for your comment; maybe their schedules didn't change till after they got the dog. Very sorry you have had problems with one of your dogs...my galga Carmela recently had a stroke - 2 brain scans, medication and a short stay at the vet clinic and she is back to normal! 1,000 euros later. But I expect it would have cost a great deal more in the UK, probably at least double. In France, animal insurance is only just coming in...whereas in the UK it has been in existence for decades. So I feel vets there are another example of Rip Off Britain...their charges are high because in most cases the client will claim off their insurance...and so the premiums go up. Do you ever see a UK vet driving an older car!!


We've had many changes in schedules. Husband got made redundant and had to get a job at the other end of the country, then got made redundant again, still got our dogs. Do people get rid of their kids if their schedules change? Funny isn't it when people suddenly become allergic, or have a change in work pattern and the pet goes, even more so if the animal isn't 'perfect'. Solution - give it back to the overstretched rescue, great, suppose it's better than sticking an advert on Gumtree.

Beryl Brennan

I don't disagree with you atall on that, Kathryn. Our animals are for life, whatever the circumstances and wherever we go.


I know you do Beryl, your dogs are beautifully looked after. I probably sound harsh in my comments and know sometimes there are exceptional circumstances when someone might have to re-home a dog but I feel so sorry for dogs who have known a home and then get put back in a shelter. Poor Ghuy, he looks so sad and bewildered. I hope he finds a new home soon and I hope this will really be his 'forever' home this time. It sounds as though this issue he has isn't a real problem at all and could be easily controlled, so hope this doesn't put people off giving him a home.

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