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Ann Marie Payne

One of my Galgos had pups in Feb 2017 at 10 years old, after which her hunter/breeder threatened to kill her if she was not removed from his property. All her breeding life she was chained to a little kennel. One year on she still has some insecurities, but she's getting there. And for the first time in her life she is learning to run with the other dogs in the garden. She's my angel called Libby ( short for liberty)


How disgraceful that this hunter was breeding from her at ten years old. Poor old girl, I bet she can't believe that she has been freed from that horrible life. I am so pleased she has a lovely new life now and hopefully many more years to enjoy it. It's a great thing you have done to adopt an 'oldie'.

The over breeding of galgos and podencos is a terrible thing. There isn't anything in place to stop this horror and all the other horrors of puppy farms and idiots who breed staffies when the pounds here are full of them.

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