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This is so upsetting, look what this evil hunter has done to her beautiful face! Hope he rots in hell, the monster. I have been on the website, she is called Angel and there is a video of her and she is eating which is good. I will donate, thank you for saving her life.

Catherine Silver

Completely agree with you Kathryn. Apart from donating I would like to help with raising awareness in U.K. as anything which might affect tourism (which this might) could make Spanish government sit up and take some notice...possibly?
Hopefully in the future these Spanish old boys and their rabbit hunting habits may die out (same as fox hunting in U.K.) and along with it the need to breed these dogs??
In the meantime the charities here (Gran Canaria) are doing fantastic job rescuing and also leaving food for the wild dogs, a damage limitation exercise until legislation and sensible breeding programmes established.

Beryl Brennan

Thanks for your comment, Catherine. I've been publicising the plight of the Podencos in the Canary Islands since I first
started my galgo and podenco blogs 10 years ago. It's good to see that there are now some associations helping home the Gran Canaria and Lanzarote podencos...need to find ones to help the Fuerteventura podencos....see an earlier post a couple of weeks ago. So hard for you all, living with the problem of over-breeding and then dumping of these wonderful hounds by the vile hunters. As for the galgueros on mainland Spain who claim to care for their hounds....well, we all know they don;t. Maybe a few do, but they are as guilty as the bad ones for doing nothing to improve the situation. Doesn't bear thinking of...what this poor galga went through till she was cut down. Thanks for caring.

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