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This made me cry. I have just lost my ex racing greyhound Smudge. Rest in peace Smudgie Bear. Lovely boy, 14 years old, raced at the Great Yarmouth track in Norfolk. Smudge spent 7 years in kennels until we adopted him at 9 years old. No one wants the big black male greyhounds. He had four years of happiness with us, he was treated wonderfully at the rescue he was from too. He had never been inside a house before or had a home and he adapted brilliantly. Unbelievably for a keen racer he loved small dogs, great with kids, even cat friendly. Bless you lovely gentle boy. If you are looking to adopt a greyhound, please consider the black dogs, they so often get overlooked for no good reason.

Beryl Brennan

So sorry to read you have lost a much loved canine family member...it's not easy but at least you have many happy memories and know that he had the best of love and care when he went into the rescue and to you in his forever home. Comfort hugs. xx


Thank you Beryl xx

Mary Croft

Lovely poem....made me cry. Hope all suffering animals reach heaven.

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