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This is unacceptable, unethical and just plain wrong. Our treatment of animals on this planet has to change. Factory farming, clearing rainforests, overfishing with no regard for living breathing creatures. I would guestimate that at least 50% of the worlds population do not give a crap about animals and wildlife. The wealthy 1% could do something about this but because there is no profit they won't. When you and your family have nothing to eat it is hard to care about wildlife.
Please boycott Spain. Write letters to the Spanish government. I feel hatred towards these awful people who do this. How can they be so blind and uncaring? I have a feeling that somewhere down the line they will pay for this atrocious behaviour. Karma? At least I hope they will. These dogs are the gentlest,sweetest animals.

Also please donate. http://www.pepisdogrefuge.com/donate/ Pepi's is run by a retired British couple who have spent every last cent of their money to help these dogs. Not like Donald Trump who uses his money to gold gilt his belongings, including his seat belts.

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