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That's such awful, depressing news.

Sometimes there seems no end to the senseless suffering.


Great, first they try and send them to China and now it's Romania is it. A country that has a huge stray dog problem and deals with this in the most horrendous way. So it will be like Macau, with every dog who races on the track being given an automatic death sentence. SICK OF CRAPPY GREYHOUND RACING!!!

katharina hutchinson

Greyhounds in Romania is Macau in Europe once they listed out. Greys and Galgos will be thrown off the streets,the dog catchers, collecting up to 50,-Euros for each dog, at nights they will be tossed again on the streets to collect again the fees.Thanks to the EU subsidy. Romania would not have the stray dog problem if it wasn't for the huge subvention of EU monies. Foreign helpers and refuge shelters are massiv hindered to spay the dogs, that would reduce the easy income.
Romania should have never be in the EU like so many other Eastern countries, always demanding but not participating in sharing values.

Kerstin L

Katharina, absolutely agree with you ! The EU funds the killing of dogs in Romania unfortunately. EU subsidies are not controlled by anyone, so Romania is free to do whatever they want with the money. What a Desaster and shame !

katharina hutchinson

In 2010 there has been a warning on all irish breeders and private greyhound people not to sent any greys to Romania. This will be the Exodus to all Greys and Galgos.Once no longer earning the monies, the dogs will than be used by poachers, espec. around this aera where the racetrack will be located in the capital of Bukaresti. The ones surrving end up on the streets being snatched and put up in the concentration death camp to collect the final fee of 50,-Euros. The city hall mayors own most of the concentration death campers collecting the fee for each dog being killed. Corruption starts in Bruxelles, all Romanians technocrats arise from 1 family gang,counterfei there personal documents, all now are academics.
There will not be a single adoption programme as long as a death grey or galgo brings EU money. Unlike in Spain where Anne Finch fought very hard for years, to bring up certain standards to the owner of racing greys, the Romanians will never seek advice to comfort these poor dogs, any Person that offers help has to fear for his own life. The rescue shelters and the few local people witholding information on the situation being confronted daily for there own life, the dogs being all poisend.
These East European countries should have never been accepted into the EU, always begging for money contributing only problems both for human beings and animals.
@according to their new website, EU funding will be welcomed to finance the race track.


I follow a group who rescue from Romanian dog shelter council run yeah it is bad out there there is also another guy I follow who has over a 100 dogs he cares for from the dtreets and at this moment is trying to raise funds to build another shelter to rescue more he is a one man band that relies on limited donations from the public if the greys go there I would rather tham be put to sleep than shipped abroad poor souls money is the rout of all evil always will be

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