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Danielle Hart

At the end of the video, it says that "every minute of every day, 2,000 pups are born in Spain"... that can't be right! 2,000 per day I can see (even though it's a horribly high figure), but 2,000 per minute???


Agree, that's why I put 'every day', as that's possible. 2,000/day is 250 galgas if each has 8 pups -whether purebred or mixed because they've been abandoned. Easy when you consider 2 pregnant galgas were abandoned at Pepis Dog Refuge within a few days of each other and within a week they had between them produced 19 purebred galgo puppies!


Shared this to other groups so they can see how bad this is

jacqui southern

Absolutely hateful The murder and suffering of the innocent must stop!


Incredible, I new that there are born a lot but when you read the numbers it's even worse. It's a never ending nightmare here in Spain. Poor poor doggies 💜💜💜
I will share it too.


I am just researching and working on figures for galgos and podencos born each year, and killed etc, to present to the PAES conference in Murcia in October. I will then publish them here. You will not believe them...

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