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Bob Shepherd

I have suggested that the UK re-introduce dog licences, with an initial registration fee then an annual payment. This should reduce the number of problem owners. The authorities have ignored me


good idea - in California we pay $29 per greyhound per year; in Germany, it costs 170 Euro for the first dog, twice that for the second..... But, how many citizens follow the law and register their dogs??

Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

I think that this is an archaic idea and also hard to manage. I do agree that a licens should be required with certain breeds because they can be considered dangerous and therefore can be more difficult to handle and should be registred.However if leash laws were enforced that would be a vast improvement. Things can always improve for the better as it is now the laws seem too linient by far. Cruelty is something people get away with that is where it would be prudent to crack down on abusers and also on those people that think it is a good idea to keep dangerous dogs and intimidate entire neighbourhoods with those dogs as it has been seen here. BSL works and I think that is where stricter laws are required.

Laura Savill

There has to be some regulation in owning all animals that are going to be kept as companions. I think it would people think twice about wanting an animal. They could also learn about how to train and look after them properly. However how would it be enforced is another question, it would be easy for charities to comply because they would inform the authorities and good breeders but I know some would slip through the net! Also the money collected should be challenge back to animal charities that look after abandoned animals but I cannot see it happening.

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