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Laura Savill

Thank you for saying the truth and even bigger thank you for you to return to work every day. Believe me you are an angel.

You are right in what you say - until humans look at the whole situation and just don't take a dog as a fashion item or it is what they want at the time. People must be educated so that they take "rescue" dogs and not buy from breeders.

God bless you - not an easy job,for you or your co-workers.

Sherry Mangold

Thank you for the work you do and for your messages. I have adopted 2 Galas, 1 greyhound from a racing track and 3 small mixed breeds from our shelter. They all "know" they have been saved and are wonderful family members. I could never buy from a breeder knowing there are so many more wishing for forever homes. Please don't give up your work...for the time you have with them, you are the one that has been kindest to them. They know that, and those of us who advocate for adopting know that. Bless you.

Mary Croft

What a courageous person for speaking the truth...everyone should read this.
Abandoned animals are a world wide problem cause by humans.


This is so sad, heartbreaking when the pererra worker talks about 'the room' where the dogs are anaesthetised. People need to spay and neuter, stop breeding and STOP dumping their pets. They are not rubbish!


I knew of this everyday routine but when I read again it cuts me up tears again falling down my face I promised my self I got to stay strong and do some thing positive see some thing like this I go back down again it really knocks me for 6 yeah most humanes are responsible for this shit but they are not the ones having the gamble put on their life bastards all responsible

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