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As you say, education is the only thing that is going to change this appalling situation. Wonder how much animal welfare is included in the Spanish schools education programme though?

Gentle healing hug for this baby - may she go on to have a happy life, full of love.

Mary Croft

My prayers are with her...thanks to the wonderful people who saved her.

Laura Savill

So glad that this little one was saved - may she forget the past and get a loving forever home very soon.

I am still afraid it will take a while for Spain to realise what others think of them - education is the key and the young is the future; I just hope this does not keep happening but Spain is such a traditional country!


Poor baby she is beautiful. Dogs are not rubbish! Spay and neuter, stop breeding! As Marion says, education is the way forward and what a good idea to have animal welfare included in an education programme. Only way things will change is the younger generation understanding that dogs are not rubbish to be disposed of jn a bin!

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