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Well said. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Real men are kind and compassionate to animals; they don't have to pretend they are something they aren't!!

Laura Savill

Although it was reported on Radio 4 on Monday that 15 people (men) have been killed in the sport of "running with the bulls" and bull fighting this year alone which is a big increase as only 9 has only been killed over a number of years!

The left wing govt is now considering banning "running" with bulls" because it is cruel to the bull!

However will take years for Spain to really improve on its animal welfare. Still a very macho society!

Garson Hunter

The brief news article is based on a report produced by the "National Association of Bullfighting Organizers". The Organization claims that the "...bullfighting industry provided the government with €45 million in value added tax on only ticket sales."

What the National Association leaves out is any mention of huge EU subsidies:
"Common Agriculture Policy" payments worth more than £110 million a year are given to Spanish farmers using their pastures to rear fighting bulls and, the study concluded, "without such backing [bullfighting] would probably be on the brink of financial collapse".

"The report "Toros and taxes", compiled by Spanish MEPs, quotes an official Spanish source admitting that “major revenues derive from subsidies from the Common Agriculture Policy ... we can say that economic returns for fighting-bulls are negative”

Huge agricultural subsidies [along with silly men in goofy suits] keeps this horrific 'entertainment' out of the financial sewer where it belongs.


Thank you for your excellent explanation of the situation. I don't speak/read Spanish so have to rely on translating the English translation of the Spanish by Google!

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