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go for it every one wish I lived near I would deffo be there remember you are their voice they need you to act on their behalf


couple of demos going here tonight one at Sheffield and one at Birmingham and not sure the same at bell view or if its just the usual demo out side there what they have every sat night and also on the sat the 14th there is one out side bell view for the beautiful girl found valentines day 6 years ago with her ears hacked off and heavily pregnant hence her name valentina bless that poor poor girl and her babies I am hoping I can get down for that one I really am hoping and lay some flowers for her and her babies in mem of her I have a rose that my daughter was given on that valentines day 6 years ago and was just hanging around the house afterwards I was going to bin it but when I heard the news and seen her picture I decided to keep it and have done ever since in mem of that beautiful girl and her babies I remember seriously breaking down on that news and the b------ responsible still walks free where is the justice pff

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