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I am not looking at this poor sodding galgo and the rest who are found lifeless and in terrible states these idiots responsible have got to be 2slices short of a bread loaf to think this is ok you poor babies aw bless you sweethearts all you will of ever known is pain and sorrow in your short little life its over for you now but still not fair and certainly not right

Kate (Destruida Los Restos)

BBC Panorama did an undercover report about dog-fighting in the U.K. You can watch it or read the text online. It's a growing "sport" all over the world. They'll kidnap pets from the street to use as "bait." It's partly j ust because people are fouldand sadistic, partlyfor makin g m oney - a "good" fighter can be worth as much as a new car and can gain many times his price in bets -and partly for money-laundering by criminal gangs, Mafia, etc. If a dog l oses, they'll torturehim and leave him to diein agony.I don't think the police do m u ch to stopitin any country. Also, sellin g the equipment is another b profitable business.

Mary Croft

These atrocities must be made known. If more people are aware of this, something can be done.
People who are involved in this blood sport are not worthy of citizenship. They are scum who will prey on any vulnerable being.


This translation explains the commentary on the video. Thank you Cristina for doing it. ..I have listened to the video and translated it as best as I can - it is so sad, I am so sorry that there are things like this going on! - it is so heartbreaking ...Basically the Police & The Town Hall are not interested in the awful things that are going on with the animals - how long will this slaughtering (if that is the right word) go on for? - also, the lady talking, doing the report is saying what a disgrace, but I feel she is feeling much more, a tragedy - (which it is!) It seems that in the midst of a beautiful / picturesque vast landscape there is a rubbish dump, south of Madrid, I think in an area called 'la zona de Bianca', which is where these abusers organize dog fights, and then later throw them here practically dead!!! ...she is completely disgusted and shocked, mortified at what is happening and the lady reporting gets so emotional reporting about this she is in tears. There is a well which is not only dangerous for animals, being a hole in the ground, but for people too - and who knows whether they throw any animals down there and then cover the opening up with wood and stones! The Galgo featured in this video, is no longer alive, they try to clean up, only to find that it must have been there already for 15 days or so and I'm not sure exactly what happened to the Galgo, only it had a hole on the underside of it's body, poor thing, and was in such a sorry state, bless ...the lady is so upset, it is really upsetting to watch this, how animals, such beautiful Galgos, any animals can be treated this way - made to fight - then abandoned in such a state - unthinkable! The Police and The Town Hall seem to be doing nothing to stop this from happening - they are both fully aware - what a disgrace the lady points out - what a disgrace indeed, a tragedy, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, this must stop now! This is really upsetting that Police or the Town Hall aren't doing more to put a stop to this...it is only by the grace of God that there are good, kind people in the world that care enough to do something about this - I pray for the Galgos that are in need now, ...that they find strength and love in a loving home and that they can learn to trust again

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