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This is so cruel. There was a programme on TV last night about dog behaviour and a german shepherd has been rescued, he had spent all his life as a chained dog. He has a lovely home now but had a habit of twirling due to the mental distress of being kept on a chain. I think there is a specific charity helping chained dogs. I think it's a Canadian charity. It's just downright cruel, it's torture and it should be made illegal but there will be zero chance of that. They just see these dogs as a bit of property to 'protect' the house. Terrible.


don't understand why most people have dogs to keep them chained what life is that for the poor animal I know peta is helping chained dogs I think the humane society do aswell and net work for animals

Kate (Destruida Los Restos)

Beryl, French law states that an animal must be kept in an environment and conditions as close as is feasible to their natural environment and way of life; therefore, keeping a dog permanently chained is illegal. You need to keep a record, with photos, to prove that the dog is always chained and show if it's living in dirt, etc. - obviously there has to be evidence, not just your word, so try to get another person to witness, as well as frequent photos. Then you need to write, with your name and address, to the DSV - Direction des Services Véterinaires - of your department, with as full and detailed a report as possible and explain that your have a photographic record and other witness(es) and asking them to intervene. They usually do - I informed then of quite a lot of things and they alwasy acted and in bad cases the owners were forbidden to have animals again. Of course, there are cut-backs everywhere and I think the DSV in your dept now has only two inspectors, in fact only two members of staff, so don't bother them for minor cases, as then they'll get fed up and not respond the worse ones. (This may count as a minor case, if the dog's healthy and not desperate, especially as it's not at all rare.) If you need your letter translated, just send it me and I'll do it.

D.S.V. des Deux-Sèvres (79)
210, avenue de la Venise Verte - BP 525 - 79022 Niort cedex
Tél. 05 49 79 37 44 - Fax 05 49 79 96 50
Here's a list of them all by dept: http://fou-de-reptiles.forumpro.fr/t8-liste-des-d-s-v-par-departement

If it's not very grave case, you may prefer not to bother the DSV (they have to check all the farm animals, transporters, batteries, everything, so their time and help really is precious) then try the SPA: http://deux-sevres.spa.asso.fr/

I don't promise any of that will produce results in this case, but if you find very bad cases, then those are the main people to contact.


Thanks Kate, I know thew DDSV in Deux-Sevres - they are s..t! They classified me as a Livery Yard because, besides my own 2 horses, I had 4 donkeys (a family dumped on my by a Frenchman) in a terrible state and said I was responsible for them. I took the Frenchman to court and gained custody of them. They don't bother if a dog is loose in a small yard, living in filth. If it has a water and a food bowl too, they don't want to know. So they won't bother about this dog, as it is in good condition and has a small box in the garage at the end of its chain. thanks anyway.

Kate (Destruida Los Restos)

Oh dear :( I never said anything because I supposed you liked it there, but I spent a few months in the Deux-Sèvres and loathed the place, I was utterly miserable and so was my child. The people were the nastiest I ever met in all of France, it was incredibly dull, dull, dull and boring and you're right - animals were worse kept there in general. There was a small dairy farm across the lane which reminded me of Cold Comfort, with Adam Lambsbreath and his cows Graceless, Aimless, Feckless, Hopeless..His house was as mucky as his cowshed. I did report a case of cruelty and neglect there, though, and the DSV inspectors were great, confiscated and cared for the animal and rehomed it and the owner was taken to court and forbidden to keep animals again. It was a bad case, though, whereas keeping dogs on chains andin their own dirt is just so common that it's accepted. I'm surprised the dogs don't just lie down and die of misery.


I like Deux-Sevres - we are used to a rural farming environment in Suffolk and the weather is much warmer than Suffolk. We have all French neighbours and they are really nice. And the medical service is second to none - and vet fees are cheaper than the UK, especially for rescued dogs. It's just the 2 men from the DDSV and the French owner of the donkeys who thought they would 'get the English'. Much to their cost as I made an official complaint about the DDSV men and their attitude, as well as taking the French owner to court. Doesn't do to mess with me where animals are concerned!!


beryl contactone of the above I have mentioned thy are all over the world they will investigate

Kate (Destruida Los Restos)

Oh, I know who you need! Right near to you and specially for your department is:
28, chemin de Bédaloue,
79260 La Crèche
The President is M Michel Vaudois. I think his number is 0549250044
They've now extended their activities to include farm animals.
They're opening a branch in La Rochelle, too.

According to them, pet cats and dogs are disappearing in the Deux-Sèvres at the rate of 1,000-1,500 a year and in all of France 100,000 a year and are sold to laboratories, for hunting (and probably as bait for dog-fighting)or for fur.


Thanks, Kate. I know Michel Vaudois very well, he was a help to me when I first had problems with the donkeys dumped on me. His association does great work.

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