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Danielle Hart

Wow!!! The Spanish Police has a heart after all. After everything we hear about the police not caring and not doing anything and even contributng to the problem, it's great to read this news. It seems to show a subtle shift in the way people view galgos... Great news!


I am looking at the double of my tess here she is one of my e racing rescued gryhounds and if she s got the will power of my tess she will pull through come on girl do it for us and for your self but most of all show the scum that dumped you there that you have won go girl your half way home nice things in life to come your way is that the pay pal link to the rescue beryl through the link on the story

Karen Caws

At Huellas, Puertollano, we are working really hard to improve relations with the local police and it seems to be paying off. We also do primary and secondary school visits as we believe that members of the next generation are vital in this battle.
ANGELES, the galga, is in a stable, but obviously critical condition with a very infected hind leg and effects from being hit on the head before being dumped.

Thank you for your interest.

Karen Caws, President Huellas Puertollano


aw keep going girl thanks for the update Karen just donated a little to go towards what ever you think and thank you for taking her keep us posted

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