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like all these styles will be ordering in the new year these at the bottom are awesome


will also like to order the one book I haven't got dal paradise all inferno is that the fire that broke out in the woods 20 12 beryl I remember ringing charl when that happened she could see from the stables rey was in there with the others befor he come to me jan 13 I was so worried not just for rey but for them all charl said everything in order we all know what we got to do if need be and kept a very close eye on the situation she kept me updated all the time re this I felt sory for all the other poor lost souls closer to it who prob had to be moved and the ones in the forest and round about been abandoned they must of been so scared bless them all


no I think it was earlier the fire want it cause I remember charlmoving round sept oct time or may have been earlier to finca the fire was before that I am sure cause of galgos been in stables


Jen, DON'T buy Dal Paradiso - it's 'From Heaven to Hell - Story of the Galgo Espanol' in Italian!


you know I dint even notice it was Italian thought it was something to do with the fire 20 12 thanks beryl

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