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that's what you call a true friend helping jane and alan like this what a gift and the person not wanting to be named for paying fees for removal to pepis a hero yep they certainly have had a rough time more than their fare share they have stook with it and seen it through what anamazing couple and all their health probs on top of of every thing that's stood in their way along the path its thanks to you 2jane and alan you are the dogs heros the worst I think for me was the poor dogs that lost their life 2 year ago poor chet proc the podenco aw bless him was one of the victims some one slinging food over the wall to them with a deadly substance in it and if I remember correct it was not the first time this happened cant remember if it was before or after this incident what ever it should never have happened the piece of scum will still be roaming it still got life an it I use the term it cause that's all idiots like the it who through the food over deserve to be called even its to good I think keep up the good work you 2 fab fab fab


Ah that's such good news and what a lovely lady donating her mobile home, it looks great! Jane and Alan so deserve this. Hope lots of people support Pepis, I have renewed my monthly standing order. Why would someone want to shut them down? Was this person willing to take on the care of all the dogs then?! What are the motives of people like this, certain people try and do this to rescues here too, bad mouth them and cause trouble. They certainly can't be thinking of the dogs that's for sure. Anyway, I hope that 2015 is a good year for Pepis and that more dogs are adopted. All best wishes to Jane and Alan for the New Year.

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