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ah yes the stables that was a big struggle for charl she had to travel every day x 3 I remember the stories she kept me informed with on the day to day running and the hurdles she climbed daily she kept me up to date with rey on his surgery his after care this was aworrying time alone with out all the other probs and I would like to go back to the first heart break of what I remember telmo galgo enlarged heart I think it was had to say good night to him bless and then liberty was put to sleep bless then Charlie pup aww bless 3 month I think that poor boy was still have the pics little Charlie with his head on charls shoulders so weak and frail so innocent love you all kids past and present and the most talked about of all was jady beautiful jady and then some 6 month later poor beautiful Chrissy her mama was in the process of moving near was only days off her adoption bless her charl was only 5 mins out of the vets when she got the call Chrissy had gone lung probs came from no where and just took her down such an happy bouncy beautiful girl gone just like that justice there int none I have followed just well over 4 years now the rescue of charls and said to her not so long ago well mentioned jades house at the finca the present one she is leaving I said the memories charl are not in the place they are in your soul for ever and a day until eternity her reply was so true jen so true and thank you for always been there

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