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that's galgos for you beryl they get into all sorts when rey plays up they all look at him as if to say what do you think you are doing tess my oldest greyhound chases him out the room when she had enough but then he dodges her runs back in the room and takes her space where ever she was when she chased him I just say you fell for it again tess glad polar is full of life shows how happy he is bless

Danielle Hart

What a little devil! Hopefully, he'll settle down a bit as he grows older. He's lucky to have you Beryl.

Danielle Hart

Don't you have lure coursing your way Beryl? It would be a great way for Polar to use some energy, unless the running would be bad for his leg??? There's a group here in Quebec that I know of, named Tally Ho, who meets regularly to let the dogs loose to chase a lure and they also have agility meets. They use fields, golf courses, etc. I've seen pics and videos of it and it looks like a lot of fun. They welcome any breed of dogs. There must be something similar in France. If not, it might be an interesting thing to start!


Yes, they have organised lure coursing in France - using a plastic lure. Unfortunately the areas where it is organised are too spread out and far away for us. You need permission to hold an event...I tried to have one at one of my Fun Dog Shows but the society organiser/secretary didn't even have the courtesy to respond to my enquiries! And in our area it's very much a closed shop - showing shows or agility.


Ah he's a lovely boy and yes he is very lucky. He sounds like a real character with his socks and bottles. I have a soft spot for white galgos - he's beautiful!

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