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Danielle Hart

I think Fermin was also making the point that he had nobody to do a home inspection in the UK. He did mention that if someone could find a reputable person to do a home inspection, he would be open to the idea.


Some years ago I visited the local animal pound in Cologne, Germany. It is not a real pound as they never put any animal to sleep because of lack of space. But it is a small facility with kennels and dogs and cats in them.
Anyway, nearly ALL of the dogs were either Staffordshire Terrier or its mixes, Rottweilers (most of them huge males) and similar.
Honestly, I would have adopted none of those dogs... I pitied them but I wouldn't have dared to take home any of them.

I do not know if the situation has changed since. I do think that most of the not-so-dangerous and well socialized dogs are adopted quickly here.
That is why Germany keeps importing rescued Spanish and Eastern European dogs.


In a previous life in the 1960's when I worked at the BBC, my colleague had a Staffie called Homer. He lived happily with 3 young daughters, plus Mom and Dad. At the time, the BBC were making a series of 'oliver' and Bill sykes needed a staffie to add to his tough image. So Homer went onto the set. The only way they could get a decent TV shot of him 'aggeressive' was to shove a plastic leg into his mouth and 'shoot' the clip. Poor Homer, he was dumdfounded - why did he have this vile plastic thing in his mouth! He was the gentlest of dogs. It's the bloody breeders and owners who get Staffies a bad name.


I do agree with fermin on what he says still re the greyhound situation over here it is a well known fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of greys lurhers waiting for their forevers over here I would hate to think how many in Ireland and a lot suffer more or less same fate of course not on the scale that the galgo and podenco suffer but if the lady is so adoment that she wants to home a galgo from Scooby and one if I remember correctly difficult to home and one of his concerns is a home check I am not promising anything here but I could ask a contact if she could pos do it but she would have to travel to London of course and providing lady still wants galgo will get bk when I can


you know I actually forgot about gin in surry couldn't the lady ask them to do home check for her they are on the door step


If they have no chance of adoption in their own country then you would have to have a heart of stone to deny the dogs the chance of a loving home in the UK. Although it is also heartbreaking to see the staffies in the pound here. My friend has two rescue staffies and they are lovely. People should not assume the worst of staffies, they have an undeserved reputation, not helped by the media and I would definitely not rule out adopting a staffie. Beryl is right, in most cases it is the idiot owner and not the dog. Fermin doesn't want to add to the greyhound welfare issue we have here, he has a very valid point. He also doesn't have a home check process set up yet, therefore he is being responsible. There are black overlooked greyhounds in rescue in the UK, desperate for a home. My grey was in rescue for four years with no interest and he is a lovely lad. At the end of the day I think it is up to the individual to decide on the type of dog that is right for them and their situation and that dog may be from the UK or may be from Spain/Bulgaria/Romania - a rescue dog is a rescue dog, each one given a second chance. As long as they are rehomed responsibly to the right homes, that is the main thing. I am just so thankful that there are great rescues in the UK and abroad who are saving the dogs. These good rescues deserve our respect and support.


Just another thought, I think it is somewhat strange to accuse people of being "racist" against dogs. As far as I am aware this type of prejudice is only relevant to human beings! I'm also not sure about the comment re northern pounds. Not many people adopt directly from pounds. It's the rescues who take these dogs in from pounds and then neuter and assess the dogs. Unfortunately most dogs from the pounds not taken by a rescue are put to sleep. Most of the good rescues here will home check and provide back up for life ie if things go wrong then the dog comes back to them. There are lots of different breeds available at the Dogs Trust. There are also lots of smaller rescues in the UK desperate for homes for their dogs. For example there is a beautiful patterdale terrier looking for a home at a rescue local to me, she has been there 10 months. So I can imagine that small UK rescues who are suffering in the economic climate may feel that there should be a limit to dogs being brought in from abroad. It must be heartbreaking for them to turn dogs away because their dogs aren't being adopted. If you look on the Overlooked Oldies website or Many Tears Rescue you will see every breed under the sun needing a home. That is why I adopted a greyhound from the UK, feelings of guilt on my part that so many needed a home here. I have a dog from Spain too though, so I think I would like to carry on adopting from both UK and abroad. I would love a podenco and they have no chance of being adopted in Spain. It's an individual choice really and people feel very passionate about it for different reasons but I don't think people should just dismiss UK shelters as being full of the 'wrong' type of dog because this just isn't the case.

Danielle Hart

Same with Pitbulls! They are no more agressive than other dogs, but because of their immense strength and the way they are "raised" to be agressive, they are feared everywhere. There is no such thing as an aggressive breed of dogs. There are just idiot men whose genitals are inadequate and they need to add a "macho" dog to toughen their image. The bigger and the meaner the dog, the lower the man's self-esteem...

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