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Please show your humanity and change how these beautiful, loyal dogs are treated. I know the people of Spain are good hearted, loving people. The torture of these lovely dogs cannot continue, they were made to be companions and not simply discarded.


Signed, hope lots of people sign too. It's on AVAAZ which is great and hopefully it will be visible to lots of people. World Cultural Heritage my a*8e. Just a bunch of animal torturers.


signed this today

Holly Wells

Galgos are sentient, sweet and sensitive and should not be exploited and discarded as is the custom of many galgueros. It is important to focus on traditions which promote compassion and kindness to all species if the world is to become a better place for us all.

Sara Pintus

Stop the Galgos pains please

Antoinette Galloway

I have witnessed the hanging of galgos while visiting Spain


Antoinette, can you send me the story of what you witnessed. email me if you wish. band@bbrennan.eu

flo's mum

I'm in the UK, can't find UK on petition (to tick the country of origin)

Holly Wells

Heritage is irrelevant when sentient beings suffer.


Flo's Mum - United Kingdom is on the drop-down list - in French it's Royaume-Uni. I've been watching the signatures and there are some from the UK. In 4 days we are up to 16,000 signatures from around the world, shows the strength of feeling...but we need tens of thousands more - so please keep sharing, everyone.


me too beryl been looking bk on this yep your correct a lot more needed


another 818 added

Angeles Romero

Basta de impunidad para estos asesinos de galgos. Justicia!!!!!


Je veux ne pas croire une seconde que l'UNESCO puisse cautionner la cruauté.

Diantha Grant

Please end the torture of Galgos! Heritage must coincide with humanity but in this case it does not. Tradition means death in this case. We are better than that. Please do not make it worse.


Signed and shared. Will keep on sharing on Twitter.


Thanks for tweeting, Johanna, I haven't a clue how to do it so I really appreciate your tweeting my posts - all good publicity for the galgos - just checked and we're now up to 21,500 and rising. Marvellous!


Here in Finland we LOVE DOGS AS OUR FAMILY MEMBERS and we CAN`T UNDERSTAND OR APPROVE Spains galgos treatment at all!!!! These kind of hunters are the lowest greatures in earth!!!!

Amanda Hirschfelder

Stop animals abuses, Please! im so tired to see animals in danger because of us!

Luciano Napoletano

This world is so full of cowards! I'm sick of them. Animals are a treasure in this world, they need us right now!

Leslie Melodia

Help save the Galgos

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