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as soon as the print version ready beryl i will be ordering i guess i am in for another emotional ride i went to hell with the poor galgos and just never seemed to come back oh i did sob my heart out at the whole book and the poem at the end so heart breaking i dont know how you focus beryl on writing these books but its a great job you can other wise i would be none the wiser on the situation for these poor babies bless all the ones gone in one way or another and those going as i write this and those to go its awful knowing what fate thousands of these poor souls are going to face and i cant do a sodding thing about it it cuts me up


Will down load onto kindle and read when I feel emotionally stronger xx


I will be buying a copy, well done Beryl xx


It's not all sad, Pauline, there are some positives too and suggestions as to what to do with your podenco. Plus beautiful photos from Ed Verhaegan and Beverley Farmer.

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