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this is heart breaking i dont need a drawing for its well easy to imagine my guts churn and my eyes weep for these poor little babies oh how i wish i could set my own rescue up to lower the numbers in these pereras they dont deserve any of this suffering once again because of the ignorance and selfish ness of the majority of the hunters but yet i cant help feeling that i am guilty aswell because i cant help any of these lost souls in offering a home i can donate a little once in a while but i know thats no where near the help they want breakes my heart i did donate 20 through to baas galgo yesterday and will go on site now its up and running and will help with donations as and when i can aw bless all them little sweet hearts born to die it cuts me to the core


I feel so sorry for Petra having to witness this and know that there is nothing that can be done. It seems to me that the vast majority perish and only the lucky few are saved, heartbreaking. These hunters do not care one bit, these dogs are just thrown away like rubbish. I am so sorry for that brindle boy and all the others that can't be saved. I too feel guilty because I can't adopt at the moment and I do donate but am fully aware that it is a drop in the ocean and wish it could be more. Thank you to Baasgalgo for saving the dogs and I made a donation on Monday to them.


while I was visiting Fermin years ago, we took 3 galgos with us, the same day hunters and gypsies brought their abused and total neglected dogs to Fermin. I asked one of the hunters how old this galgo was as he looked to me 12years and older, he ignored my question instead he offered me his puppies he left behind. Never forget his cold unemtional eyes, his shoes were trenched with blood this sight I will never forget and I left him not without a clear sign of my nonverbal gesture what I think of him. At the shelter they told me to hold back as these creatures would than no longer deliver their dogs to the shelter. It is very frustrating to hold back emtions for the sake of the dogs future. Today one of this galgo still lives a happy life, cared for and a shinny coat. This galgo was only 2 years old when he was delivered to Fermin. When these dogs were left behind of these monsters, they begun to cry in dispair, it is hard to understand for us humans how loyal even in this misery these noble dogs attached to their masters.


thats why i cant visit kathrina my heart is broken enough in what i already know it really does hurt with a passion i have been drawn in the sight hound world and cant get out never will will carry the torment and sorrow and pain to my grave for these gentle souls they dont deserve what they go through i think every day what poor souls are getting sacrificed today abandoned physically abused murdered the list is endless it torments me every day every night befor i go to sleep the dogs are in my thoughts always just wont leave me


donated again last night to baas galgo i have also emailed asking if it is pos to get the mentioned galgos out that may never get out alive the image is in my head cant rest hope they will try i will even put another donation through next week to go towards it i know i am asking a lot of them it really is tormenting me all this torture to these poor little babies the mairina galgos will haunt me for the rest of my days and the story from jaqui the volunteer who helps out at another kill station broke me pregnant podencas been killed and jaqui had the money and residense for them poor souls nasty b------ for what they are to do such a wicked act and the poor souls the christmas befor last podencos pics of them then beryl broke the news they had been sacrificed still see their little faces bless them and certain people that have been on here in the past more or less telling us to forgive i dont think so never in a million years what upset and heart break they have caused and its not just a one off it is continuous every day every night never lets up


kathrina as very kindly offered to get some items together to post on to me for my table top it will cost her in postage but she wants to still go ahead bless her will be more than welcome nice to know that people are willing to help really does go a long way when people show willing and there as been others who have helped and made a big difference shows when we stick together united we stand devided we fall and i know you beryl do alot for this cause the biggesst steps you have taken is the most inportant one addopted not just galgos and pods but the lovely polo with his disability your a star for what you do and also suffered your self with shoulder hope you are sort of recovered now feeling much better well done for what you do


forgot to say i may be able to get out on table top next thursday while i was in and out walking the dogs this morn the guy i bump into every morn informed me we hae a week of nice weather coming our way next week at last so fingers x i did reply to him so is that our summer then a week of nice weather more then likely he said

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