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Very interesting and cautiously optimistic.
I look forward to following the progression.

Every time I read something from Galgo News I think of Lola, my beautiful black galga. As I write she is lying on her back with four legs waving in the air!
Someday, hopefully, all these wonderful, gentle and loving creatures will be as lucky as she has been.


And thanks to all involved in the Madrid meeting. Such passion and resolve must continue to be supported


snap my galgo just started doing the same over the last couple of month one of my grey girls always done that its her best posision yep it breaks your heart when you think how loving and devoted they are and how much they go through and i know every one mentioned and more are doing their best for these lost souls but i will never forget the ones gone and will always be reminded even if laws where passed tomorrow it will never make the disgusting wrongs ever right for me so many little lost souls died in the most horrid ways there was no need it all could have been avoided bless all the little babies never forget them


Thank you for updating us. Certainly looks like positive steps. I just hope there can be a firm plan put in place that can be reinforced. It's about time that the indiscriminate breeding and cruel treatment of the Spanish hounds stopped. I know that some Spanish people adopt sighthounds but not nearly enough. The views on sighthounds just being hunting dogs and not pets needs to be changed too. They make the most wonderful companions, just fabulous dogs (as you all know!).

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