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Beryl Brennan

My letter now sent.


Disgusting, I will send the letter and email Defra as soon as I get back home. I will be making a donation to Hillside. It is brilliant what they do and I received a letter from them recently saying that they are really struggling to make their payments. This is really sad, they have so many rescued animals, including horses and they really need support.

Danielle Hart

Email sent... I find it so incredibly sad and pathetic that we STILL have to tell people, in 2013, how to behave like human beings... especially in a so-called "civilized world".


ok then i will contact in writing the council of that area but what worries me i know the out come for these animals they will all be slaughtered not the way to go if they can be saved i will also contact the rescue who did this vidio and ask if it would bo pos for them to rescue them and keep them once the decision been made to go ahead just done a letter to head man of one of our grey rescues here im disgusted and upset about what i learnt about another grey here its been bugging me and i have put pen to paper now and will be sending in a couple of days seeing as i didnt get reply via email


just emailed hill side animal farm asking them to take these farm animals when the decision is made and told them i can put a small donation through to them when they have these animals explained to them i do table tops and rely on people ggiving me things for to raise money for the spanish galgos and podenco rescues they have sent me a reply saying they will get bk to me and i have also subscribed to their mailing list they are actually about 140 mile from me at a guess


The thing is it's whether Hill Side can actually afford to take the animals. They are already unable to meet their costs as it is. I believe they have 200 horses, along with all the other animals, imagine the cost of feeding them and vets bills etc. It would be nice if they could take them but it must be a daily struggle just to survive with the recession and people not being able to donate as much. I hope it is a good outcome for these animals.


Thank you for making us aware of this, Beryl. Have done the emails and will share the video and appeal.


i seen on a comment after the vidio that some of these animals have now been moved an investigation is underway they say they have been moved to another farm


email sent this is an outrage an absolute outrage i cant understand all the foot dragging when animals are in this bad shape are they just hoping alll the animals will die so they dont or wont have to do their jobs or is it that they think noone is looking or cares? I also shared this action

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