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this is disgusting we need to fight for i would say at this point breeding to be stopped altogether not cut down and to be registered and microchip i know that it is a long way off for even a single shred of welfare for these beutiful dogs who will that spanish government listen to when will they understand when will it digest into their brain that you cant you dont treat them in this way they are made of flesh and blood like us humans are and fear things and feel pain in the same way we do what will it take

Toni Collard

What you say is true Jenny But so many in the goverment hunters them self will never admit to what goes on here in Spain
Galgos to hunters are tools to be used and abused in any which way they like
Only by spreading the word photos On the likes of facebook and other forums will the galgo fate be understood
Only then with enough pressure be brought to bear on the Spain goverment be forced in to geting their heads out of the sand In the mean time the galgo rescues can only pick up the pices and carry on saving as many as they can

Jay - East Riding Greyhounds

So true, Toni. I feel this will be a long, long battle; but we must all stand together and prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Everyone must keep the pressure on the government and authorities over there to renew their welfare laws and bring them into the 21st century. A vast reduction on breeding would greatly reduce the numbers of dogs born into cruelty and abuse. I totally agree with Jen also, but the microchips are either cut out or the authorities don't do anything when the owner is traced!


Dreadful! Every year the same horrid news.

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