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all i can say is they are twisted no other explanation for what they do

Jay - East Riding Greyhounds

I'd like to see this galguero chained up and fed stale bread and water once a week. No excuse for the torture of sentient beings - these people are despicable in the things they do. And we boast about being superior to all other creatures!!!

Kathryn (Grey)

I am so glad that they are safe. I will be making a donation tomorrow, it's pay day! I am sorry that ACTIN received so many unhelpful comments on facebook. It's not helpful giving out instructions from an Ivory Tower, when there is a lack of understanding about the situation in Spain. I wonder if these people are prepared to give practical support? I know not everyone is able to do this but why bother posting silly comments instead of being supportive. I think it is wonderful what ACTIN does, thank goodness for them and all the other rescues.


actin on the care 2 site now should get a lot of publicity now not befor time

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