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well said alan you have worded that in a nice way i would say ye you are correct in one part you are being kind when you write this in the words you have chosen and yes they have got a lot to answer to from the top to the bottom that poor girl on the line it will always stay with me and the poor girl been beat to death in the street while on lookers walk by how could they how did they do nothing and little jade bless them all ones gone ones still with us and ones to come because the situation at the moment they all need all the luck in the world and me i will never ever forget or forgive what they have done like i said if it was one off incidents and i knew they where truly sorry for what they had done then maybe there would be forgivness there but not now they have gone to far for forgiveness i cant even think of a word at the moment to describe them all for what they are


Wonderful letter, all totally correct.................

Perhaps a miracle will happen in Spain one day - and they will be compassionate towards animals.

Melitta Strouhal

thank you for this letter, it is really written from heart. don't post this in a quiet way, send this to the government and spanish politicians, to the EU, AND also to the gitanos and galgueros, if they are organised, also send this to their organisations. Go outside on the street, be very loud, protest in a big way. It's unbelievable, spain is a member of the EU, I am sure, the EU knows what is happen in Spain, 100 000 souls every year, and all are looking to another side. Incredible!!!
"You can recognise the heart of a country,in how the people are treating their animals."

Beryl Brennan

Jen - you have posted this comment on the wrong article - you meant this to go with Alan Brian's marvellous poems!

Beryl Brennan

Thanks for your comments. I hadn't thought to post it other than on here. Do you think I should rewrite it in a less angry tone but still with all the information in, and then run it as a letter campaign?


never mind


Totally agree with all of this. I think I read in this blog about the work of the rescues being a sticking plaster over a festering sore and that festering sore is Senor Galguero!! My rescue galgo really suffered in the later stages of his life, he had to have two serious operations, he had arthritis and could hardly walk, not to mention the psychological damage done to him and the scars on his beautiful face. It is a disgrace that these dogs are treated like rubbish. A rotten stinking disgrace.


Yes I think it would be great. It has everything in there, it covers the lot.




keep it as it is beryl its the truth

Viv Wharton

Wow, thank you Beryl, you said it all. I am going to get it translated and put on the website, I hope that's ok? Thank you for that letter - that all of us send with you, to Senor Galguero from our hearts. I hope one day he hears it...

Beryl Brennan

Thanks for that Viv. I have no problem with it being translated. When it is, can you send me a copy - maybe I should run a campaign for everyone to send a copy to the national and regional governments and the hunting federations. What do you think, is it toooo angry, should I tone it down a bit?


Definitely dont change a thing ,it comes across as passionate,straight from the heart,if only they would take notice and take your words to their cold hearts!

Suzie Simmons

I think you should crosspost it EXACTLY as it is.....I feel the same anger, sadness & deep frustration - I lived in Spain for 6 1/2 years & upon returning to the UK brought my 5 rescue dogs back with me....I cried for a big part of the journey vback, as I felt so guilty at having to leave my neighbours dogs behind that I had been feeding whilst living there, as they simply didn't.......
The plight of these beautiful dogs so needs to be brought to the attention of the world time, time & time again...
A really well written, thought evoking piece.....although it brought a teat to my eye once again, I thank You & everyone else who works so tirelessly & cares enough to try & make a difference.

Suzie Simmons

Suzie Simmons

Apologies for the typos.....made me feel teary......

Dawn McLaren

A wonderful wonderful letter full of truth and heart... I just hope they that be will allow themselves to read it.. it just might let a little light in to their cold hearts.. although I doubt that..but it might start a stirring in other's hearts.. tall oaks from little acorns grow... let it be read ( your letter ) as many places on this earth as possible..with that sort of heart in a letter to lead we will get the message through.. the lives of these wonderful dogs depend on it!!!!!!!


and may i just add i would also like charl to publish the letter of hers what was the same title senor galguero but from the thoughts of a galgo in her last days hours mins to seconds of her closing her eys i did so sob my heart out when i read that in the heaven to hell book 2 half year ago when i purchased it thats what drove me to do my table tops to raise money for rescues and sign every petition going and write letters still doing the same thing


The letter is excellent and says it how it is, the wider it is circulated the better.


Hi, Beryl,

This is SOOOO TRUE! As a newcomer to the whole drama, I can honestly say that I'd much prefer to be able to have a good time in Spain, without having to think of the mass murder going on. And getting newsletters compiled on a European schedule first thing on a New York morning has often made me start my day with extreme sadness and anger.

I think these people - hunters and gitanos - need to know what they are doing, not only to the dogs, but also to the people who - unlike them - don't think that cruelty to animals is ok.

I think it is a great idea to have your text in Spanish, and to send it to the hunting associations etc.
Perhaps a Spanish rescue organisation could double-check the translation for 'cultural sensitivities'?

Thanks for all you are doing, Beryl.



WOW------excellent.....I do appreciate you for your daily blogs and for sending this important letter! I have been happy to help on many occasions with donations, letters, etc. Sincerely, Valerie from B.C., Canada.

Jay - East Riding Greyhounds

Brilliantly expressed Beryl; I think you have said it all - everything that everyone involved in the plight of these precious dogs feels and experiences. As an adopter of a galgo/pod cross and a rescuer of greyhounds in UK it touched my heart in many ways. A letter campaign is a great idea!

Irene Janknegt

Your letter is strong and honest.
You tell galguero`s exact the impact of there cruel treatment and dumping of there Galgo`s
All your word`s explain my and many people feelings .
My anger is for the galguero`s gitanos and the government .
I think it is important ,to do more with your letter
because you say exact Wat is going on with the Galuero`s versus Galgo`s Espanol .




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