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aww poor girl i always feel for the black ones more because they mainly get the last chances and i dont know why i have a black one and she is so loving bless that little sweet heart i will put a little through on mon for the others

Mo Swatek

it's so sad! we have not received one single euro of donations on our UK account or paypal. People prefere to help sick dogs and if we help healthy and good looking dogs in the streets, people don't seem to care but these poor dogs would have died if we would have not taken them. do i realy have to usea emotional blackmail to get help?

Beryl Brennan

I can't believe it, Mo. People are usually so good at donating. Having said that, it's tight for everyone, especially in the UK where the government have stopped a lot of benefits for people, and they are struggling to pay household bills and feed themselves; homes are being repossessed because people have lost their jobs. The majority of people in the UK really are struggling. Maybe people in Scandinavia, central Europe, US, can donate - target other countries?

Beryl Brennan

Did you put them on Save the Galgo and Help the Podencos?


mo i put a donation through to gloria for you last monday she may not of seen it yet it is sad i put through what i can it is bad for me but i get my bit of money from table tops what i do cant get a lot in this weather though not many around i was freezing yesterday rain on and off wind then snow only managed a little yesterday but every bit helps people say to me you must be mad standing out in this but its the willpower that drives me i will be out freezing next week but all for the good of the gals and the pods keep going mo see what i can do in a couple of weeks for you


mo i left message on your site aswell you got to keep going i do what i can for you all i know what you are all up against

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