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what a pair of sweethearts hope more people join in reading and helping in the future i wont holiday anywhere abroad now even if i won money i would send transport for as many as i could for my own rescue here if i ever get my wish


i say the same thing every day abot dogs all animals they are the true wounder of this world and yet they suffer so much pain and torture and all because of most man kind emaild lacs still havnt had reply thats true beryl all rescues are full in the uk with every breed of dog but they dont suffer in the way the gals and pods do we all got to carry on for the gals and pods i get that said to me when i mention to most people our own rescues are full i just say its news i want not history then go on to explain the horrid situation in spain it gob smacks them but its like a lot of people go on freez


Happy Birthday Galgo News! Thanks for everything that you do Beryl. Your site does make a difference. Now if only all those associations could work together instead of diluting their efforts... As far as Spain goes, not only do I not holiday there, but I won't buy anything from the country, and that includes their wine. If more people boycotted them and told them why, as I did in a letter to the Spanish government, we might finally see more action. In the end, you always have to hurt the pocketbook for people to react. Sad, but true...


Thank you Beryl for all that you do. x

Caroline Grebbell

Happy Birthday Galgo News. And thank you Beryl for all the work you do...you're amazing. x


Happy birthday Galgo News!
Beryl please continue the good work!


Keep up your wonderful work, Beryl, and everyone else that does such a lot of good with these wonderful dogs.

You are a light in a very cruel, dark world - particularly in Spain..................

Beryl Brennan

Thank you for your kind comment; every one of you who cares what happens to the galgos is an angel to them...because you all want to help. So thank you for caring too.


Happy Birthday Galgo News - and thank you, Beryl for all your hard work. It is often such a sad read that I darent look at more than the headlines but it also ensures I cannot turn my back, and I am sure that many others find the same. I want so much for the day to come when I am able to donate again regularly, and I look at my four dearly loved Spanish rescues, Mara, Pili, Pajarita and Rosarillo, and thank God that so many of you were there to get them to safety at so much personal cost, and that I found your book From Heaven to Hell, which informed me of their plight and the dreadful suffering of so many. God bless all those of you who do so much to help the animals of Spain.

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