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exellent lets hope this goes all the way for the sake of the dogs all over europe great to have support on this from someone higher not befor time well done to lady whos supporting


Fingers crossed that this will have a great impact.


can i just let everyone know on this post incase no body looks at the older post of 29th kill day in badajozz harry the black galgo got foster but sadly colega and cobra still there i prey for them

Joëlle Oldenbourg

Dear Beryl, thank you so much for announcing the written declaration being finalised at the moment by Mrs. Striffler and the other 4 MEP's who will sign it.
It is a very important opportunity for all Hounds all over Europe and this written declaration will be positive only if we are very numerous to wrote, phone, visit our members of Parliament in each country to ask them to sign the document requiring a specific legislation to protect all Hounds in Europe.

It is the first time there is such an opportunity and I thank here all the organizations who have decided to work together at the european level by joining the Collectif Européen pour la Protection des Lévriers initiated by L'ARCHE DES LEVRIERS, GREYHOUND RESCUE HOLLAND and GALGOS ETHIQUE EUROPE.
If you are willing to take an active part in the success of this written declaration please contact us or follow in the coming days the Facebook page for the collectif européen pour la protection des Lévriers. Merci encore à Beryl. Merci également à Letty Ubbink pour sa participation active et si positive dans la mise en place du collectif et la demande d'une législation spécifique pour tous les Lévriers européens.

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