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Danielle Hart

Why isn't anyone taking out a Denuncia in this case? It seems to me that starving a bitch and killing babies is a crime, no??? This man will continue to put the "new" breeding bitch and all her future babies through the same hell. It seems to me that taking one mother and one baby is like putting a small bandage on a gaping wound that require stitches... It doesn't solve the problem.

Beryl Brennan

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Im not sure if there is such a thing as a denuncia
in Portugal. Have some more info to post about this rescue association -
when time permits - and the situation in general for the volunteers where this
galga is - which is an area of illegal hare coursing! Will ask the
question. Thanks for caring.


is there a paypal ad for this beryl so i can put a little donation through im so pig sick of this animal torture everywhere you look in the world they are getting killd in every way possible and nothing gets done about it


Hi Danielle, I am responsible for this case and I wrote the details you see above. If you follow the link to our group and see the "about" section, you'll see that there is no RSPCA in Portugal and protection laws are minimal. Denuncias never have a follow up, mainly cause the police has no authority to walk into private property to witness that the crime is taking place. They would need a court order, that never happens. This man had over 20 denuncias against him, and the only solution we could find was to keep in goods terms with him so we could at least retire the bitches (or they would be shot) and rescue the odd pup (or they will be drown). If we could anything else to punish these people we would, or we wouldn't have to rely on internet appeals to help these dogs. So if you believe you can mend this better, do find us on Facebook to help us help.


you have more details in our facebook page above, thanks for wanting to help. The Paypal we use is engtecpedronuno@gmail.com if you want to help this lady. If you would rather help in kind (having food delivered, e.g.) please PM me for a delivery address.
Many thanks for your concern, much appreciated.


Illegal hare coursing? That sounds good for a denuncia, too... (of course not easy to document and I am sure that some police officers might be in for a little bit hare coursing, too? Happens sometimes in Spain as well.)
Good luck anyway...

Danielle Hart

Of course, I should've known that things couldn't be that easy! It's so sickening that laws are just ignored... Thank you for all that you do.


thanks for that pp ad i will put donation through on monday bless that poor girl and bless them pups who lost their life sleep tight little angels hope your owner gets his punishment one day

gael marconi



You are right, they do not course but they do take a couple of hares home just for keeping their eyes shut... shameful


Today this lady was set free by her so-called owner. She ran straight to Teresa's where she ate some food and got some cuddles. She really needs to eat some better quality food, as she is still loosing weight despite being fed frequently; she could use some lactating/high energy feed that Teresa cannot afford without the other dogs going hungry. If you would like to help Estrela and her pups, by donating or having some proper food delivered, please let us know, as this girls is only 4 and if she successfully weans this litter she will be handed over to Teresa for the retirement she deserves.

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