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Jay - East Riding Greyhounds

These people are scum! I'd say give the hunters a taste of their own medicine, but quite frankly hanging is too good for them!! My heart breaks for all the poor souls that have suffered at their hands. When will these atrocities end? What a sick, sad world ....

Beryl Brennan

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As you say, Jay, hanging is too good for the scum
that do this. We all need to rise up and take the meting out of punishment
to these bastards ourselves - they would certainly suffer at the hands of the
women! Thanks for caring.


Recently we were called at 112 carlota galgos to have an interview regarding the plight of galgos in spain, and also the galgos we have in care. A special case Rey we. Talked about, the photographer took photos of the kids with the galgos to which I dont know which will be published. Having saod this, today the equivalent of the spanish newspaper who did the interview with me, the english side published another report on hunting dogs in malaga and how they are abandoned. Its here at the bottom the hunting federation had published a small square to say... They dont abuse galgos. And its not true and they dont allow this to occur. PLEASE... If thats the truth, then the pain we see daily is a figment of our imagination, the disgust, shame, pain, illness, deaths we see.. Are all figments of our imagination. DONT THINK SO! The hutning federation may see one galguero who abides to the rules which they make, who does care for his galgo.. Few and far between is too few.. And so something has to be done. Sadly in the times we live in at the moment in sapin when people cant feed themselves, pay their mortgages, dogs, galgos, are irrelevant. Infact they could even justify it that they will eat better than the hunter, for a galgo can hunt. They make me sick, and one day when this is over I pray... These people burn in hell...


Unbelievable! Those people have no shame, no morals, no values. When will the government finally step in and stop this? It's crazy! We live in a strange world...

Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

Did the poor greyhound(galgo) in the picture above survive the injuries inflicted upon him or her if so is there anything we can do to help? Otherwise we will remember this victim as we do all the others its greyhound remembrance month so news like this will be shouted from every rooftop. poor wee soul.

Beryl Brennan

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No, yet another victim. Thanks for


These arent humans...they r hearless...souless wastes of skin and oxygen evil badtards who want hangd slowly themselves...This has to stop poor galgos are angels :,0(


i had a flash of this picture yesterday but had to turn my head and take a deep breath aswell as tears streaming down my eyes then had to click off i have now plucked up the courage to put my comment in i feel for you little darling what you must have gone through and the evil bastard that did this to you walks free yet again where is the justice these poor souls have done nothing wrong


I watched the documentary EARTHLINGS yesterday and at the end it is said "What goes around comes around".

The film is from the year 2005.
It documents the cruelty on animals in puppy mills, dog pounds (gassing of millions of dogs and cats), then pig factories, slaughterhouses in the USA, killing of dolphins in Japan, skinning of (still living!) dogs in China etc.

Sometimes I think that what goes around that really comes around as the USA is deep in an economical crisis, Japan was hit by natural catastrophes recently, China goes towards a recession (and is abysmally polluted) and Spain, that was also featured in Earthlings with its "valuable cultural tradition" namely the bullfight, well, Spain also has some problems in the last decade. Yeah, I heard about the Spanish methods of killing unwanted dogs... gassing, lethal injection with drugs that let the animal suffer endlessly before the end... (but are cheap).

And now many people in Spain get a taste of the plight of their innocent dogs, being unwanted, unemployed, not having enough to eat sometimes...

So maybe there is a God and maybe that God had had enough. You never know...
(and even if there is no God, the irresponsibility of these nations toward their environment and the cruelty towards living things in those countries comes around now and hits the people, even the innocent ones).
Just the same like with the galgos, being unwanted, being hungry, being thrown out.
Such a religious country like Spain should think about the possible connections behind these new developments.
The word "sin" is out of fashion nowadays, we are so liberal, but it is really sinful what is going on in Spain. Jesus would surely vomit when He would visit a bullfight of would watch an average Spanish galguero handling his dogs.


When it comes to animal cruelty, the Spanish perpetrators first try to deny it.

If it is something that can not be denied (bullfight and the galgo cruelty) then it is named CULTURAL TRADITION and is idealized that way by the perverse perpetrators.

But it does not fool anyone who is not a monster and animal abuser him- or herself.

Thanks to the internet, more and more people know about this and curse the perpetrators. Or simply spend their holidays (and therefore money) elsewhere, buy goods from elsewhere and so on........

Beryl Brennan

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In my book From Heaven to Hell - The Story of the
Galgo Espanol, I have tried to explain why these bastard who hang their dogs
claim it is tradition. But there is no excuse in these modern times, in
however bad a state The Spanish economy is in, for sadistic unwanton cruelty by
man against an animal. The hierarchy in the hunting federation are too
arrogant to accept the bad publicity their members give via the Internet to
Spain as a whole, and continue to deny these atrocities happen. So we must
continue to put pressure on them. One thing they cannot deny, digital
photos have the date imprinted on them. I feel another letter-writing
campaign is due, with these photos of hung dogs included. Thanks for
caring and all you do for the dogs.

Jay - East Riding Greyhounds

I totally agree with you Beryl - recession and failing economy is no excuse for cruelty and it is a pethetic human that uses it as a reason to casue such pain and terror. Having been in a finacial crisis a few years ago I can speak honestly and say not once did I abuse my dogs! They ate well while we ate economy food ourselves. I would rather go hungry myself then let my dogs miss a meal - that is because I love them unconditionally, and I take my responsibility to them seriously. These people are simply bloodthirsty monsters who - like cowards - hide behind poverty as an excuse for their abhorrent behaviour. They do not deserve to walk the same Earth as the beautiful, sentient creatures that they so eagerly torture!

owen davis

i feel too sad to write much, but when steve wilson says galgos are angels he speaks the simple truth. i have three living with me and they are models of sweetness and tenderness, grace and beauty. i feel honoured they allow me to walk beside them.

Zuzana Starostová

There is no excuse for this cruelty. There is many possibilities to put dog to perrera at least. It is also horrible but a little bit less than this tragedy. Sadistic people are everywhere, but the number of cruelties in Spain is beyond my understanding.

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