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poor little soul i hope someone comes fwd for her bless they are lower than low leaving this girl like this


Ohhh the people who do these things are indeed lover than low....this girl's story haunts me:-(
We adopted Felix almost two years ago(remember?)and from experience know how amazing these dogs are....seeing her makes me cry..I hope she is allright?awww her little broken leg...words can not describe what I am feeling right now..my heart cries for these dogs and the terrible things that happen to them.xoxo Desiree
PS Felix is doing really really well.We are blessed to have him in our lives.

Beryl Brennan

Glad your galgo is happy, if youd like to email me with his Happy Ending story, with a couple of pix, it would be nice to post. All the stories are heartbreaking, especially about the little ones suffering before they are grown. I cant keep up with all the stories coming in. I emailed a couple of assos in Madrid to see if they could help with this little one. She will be ok. thanks for caring.


Hi Beryl,
Thank you for telling me:-)I can't sleep sometimes when I read things like this.You already told the story of Felix here on your blog!!I think you translated it from dutch to english but if you like I could send it again:-)felix is such a sweet soul...I wish I could adopt more galgo's but I also have a 14 jr old little dachsen who needs special care in this last stage of her life.Thank you for telling me the wee one will be ok....hugs to you and I applaud you for all you are doing!xoxo

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