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Danielle Hart

I just sent Macu a bit of money to help out with the fees. Thank Heavens for people like her (and like you Beryl...). I hope that one day, all of this won't be necessary because finally the Galgo will be protected and will be considered like a "worthwhile" dog again. In the meantime, we're boycotting Spanish products. Not a ton of them in Canada! But today, my husband went to buy a bottle of red wine for dinner and he was offered a Spanish wine at the liquor store. He declined and said that he wasn't buying anything from Spain. We do what we can!!!


I know of a Hungarian lady who would like to adopt a galgo puppy. But I do not know her personally. She is in Hungary somewhere, I am in Canada...
No chance that I can let a decent home check done as I am simply too far for that, plus transport possibilities (Spain-Hungary) are not clear, either.
I encouraged the Hungarian lady to write to Macu and hopefully Macu knows an association near Hungary. I know there are some associations nearby as in Slovenia, in Italy, in the Czech Republic and in Austria, but I do not know them, either. There is a Hungarian sighthound rescue, they are not bad, but they do not rescue galgos (no money for this, they need all the funds for the couple of Hungarian sighthounds they rescue). But this lady would like a galgo and no other breed.


put a small donation through to macue wish i could have give more

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