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That is horrible!
I have never heard about it.
You think you know every bad detail about Spain already and then look at this...

Perreras take a break before the beginning of the new hunting season, huh?


Absolutely appalling, but nothing sadly surprises me about Spain and animal welfare. They live back in medieval times.

Obviously no consciences atall - thought mankind had evolved better than this...................feel they have in some countries, but definately not Spain eh?


heartless gets them poor souls in the perreras my heart breaks for them


It´s for the perreras just cheaper to close the whole thing down for a month than having to feed all the dogs! And they don´t mind killing them as we know! In july 2009, 60 dogs were killed in the perrera from Linares, the woman in charge said that she wanted to leave the perrera clean,tidy and empty when she went for holidays!! The perrera in Rioja does the same and without any doubt there are much more from which we don´t know it and now with the financial crisis when the councils don´t have money enough, the first victims who have to pay are of course the dogs!!!

Beryl Brennan

Absolutely sickening, as you say, its always the dogs which pay the price for mans irresponsibility and lack of care.

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