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i dont blame macue for feeling this way this is disgusting letting this poor boy get into this state and keeping him away from the rest and making fun of him just shows the mentallity of the people who kept these poor galgos


Any further news on this boy?


What is happening with this poor soul? Did anyone take him in???


Me too, i'd like to know. What has happened since?

Beryl Brennan

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He was rescued by Macu and is now being treated for
mange amongst other things. The gypsies all laughed at her for taking
him. But he is safe.

Zuzana Starostová

Many thanks! Poor dog in horrible condition. Macu is brave.

Beryl Brennan

L'Europe des Levriers have now taken charge of him from Macu and his coat is growing back, he is brindle. There is an update about him 19th July 2012

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