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poor things i have already put a donation through see what i can do in a couple of weeks again just to let every one know who knows about voyka the galgo with wobbly syndrome could not walk well he been castrated now and will be moving to his forever home soon in madrid so pleased for him another happy ending for another galgo bless well done to lourds pulgar for his care

Beryl Brennan

Hi Jen, thanks for the update on Voyka, you are a star. Hopefully he will grow out of his problem as his body matures. thanks for helping Macu too. Beryl


its my pleasure i am so busy here with jay and 2 other members who have joined us now for the plight of the gals and pods one of our local dog rescues as kindley donated stacks of stuff now for the carboot sale on sunday what i am doing hundreds of people attend so hoping for a good day oour local educating lady in the city is going to be doing an interview with jay on our local news and in the local paper when we get time and date arranged i my self have emailed national tv for to hopefully get an interview arranged for charl of 112 carlota galgos for her to come over here in october hope we can do this and also charl is sendind most pics and stories on some of her dogs so i can put up in the park on the big event on the 24th june and jay is also printing 2 letters for me for the spanish consulate and spanish embassy in london i have already sent mine a had a reply saying they will pass my letter on to relavent person so i will be photo copying the 2 letters that jay does for me and getting people to sign and address the letters then i will be sending off something must be done about this situation in spain it cant continue like this jen

Nicole Van Mulders


J'ai envoyé un E-Mail à Macu pour lui dire que je ferai un don de 25€ pour l'aider car je ne sais faire plus pour le moment.

J'ai adopté 2 Galgos et je suis heureuse de les avoir sauvés de la perrera

Beryl Brennan

Bon Soir Merci beaucoup pour votre don à Macu. Laquelle association est-ce que vous adoptez vos galgos? Beryl


i will pop another donation through monday so glad charl taking one of the oldies with an old fracture to the skull the scum out there want their come uppance for all these poor lost souls

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