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anna is a beutiful girl one day girl hope its not long for you now got my fingers crossed for you i must say gandalf and polly anna the sweetest dogs ever could not sink in that i phisically touched and cuddled these 2 when i went down to see them what a feeling polly and gandalf will be at a big event in hull in the uk on the 24th june promoting their beutiful breed at the west park cant wait to show them off other people i have been talking too about gandalf and polly anna are going too show up ther aswell

Beryl Brennan

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Thank you to you and Jay for taking Polyana and
Gandalf and it will be wonderful to follow their progress in publicising the
plight of the galgos alongside the problems for the British greyhounds.

Jay - East Riding Greyhound Rescue

It has been such an incredible journey for Polyana and Gandlaf, whose stories we will continue to tell in the hope of raising awareness of the plight of all their soul brothers and sisters. Gandalf is already proving to be a popular boy at our events - Polyana is being cared for in a loving home and we are allowing her some space to adjust. Gandalf is a joy and has settled so quickly into his new life with us and our three greyhounds and he has a special place in Jennys heart too!!

Beryl Brennan

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Wonderful news, Jay, and soooo pleased for Gandalf
that he has finally found his forever family. Thank you and Jenny for
helping Polyana and Gandalf and we look forward to more news and photos on their
new lives. Beryl

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