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Thanks ... very much..
I want to help everyone, but it's hard.
But I am convinced that a post can save a life, that a share can save a life. Facebook is a virtual place. Is dangerous. But it is a great means of communication.


This site is not public. I am not on Facebook anymore because of the missing data protection of them and therefore can not see the site.
They should make it public as not everyone wants to be member on a site that spies on you.

Beryl Brennan

Hi As you know, Im not a lover of Fb but it has its uses. Can you explain about the missing data protection - is that of Fb or just particular pages? Can you explain aboutspying. As you are far more computer savvy than me, Im just an amateur silver surfer! - I think there are many of us who would like it explained. Thanks. Beryl


Facebook sells your data, whatever privacy setting you have with them.
It also uses all the data about you that appears on accounts of your friends. That means, if any of them uploads a photo where you are on the pic, they have your photo even if you never intended to provide Facebook with your portrait. Of course Facebook knows your social network, too.
I forgot many small things I was uncomfortable with regarding Facebook as I am done with them. But what I can still remember is that some buddies of them like the Toronto Sun allowed comments only when using a Facebook account. I found it quite disturbing to force everyone who wants to comment on any of their article to create a Facebook account (I think they altered this policy since but I am not sure, I do not read the Toronto Sun online anymore,either.)
The last thing I remember is that on our new Canadian Android mobile (smart)phone some Facebook application was installed and it was not possible to remove their piece of sortware from the mobile phone. Because of this, I ceased to use that phone for checking my e-mails. However it is very well possible, that Facebook already has my password for my e-mail account (because I checked some e-mails via that mobile phone)...
...and of course I will never really trust a social media site, that tries to get your password for your e-mail account immediately when you first create the new account with them... Facebook asked me to provide them with the password for my e-mail account. Some acquaintances of me were stupid or naive enough to enter their password for their Googlemail account, so Zuckerberg&Co. could read all their private e-mails, the sent ones and the received ones, too...
That is what I mean with lack of privacy and much more I do not know of as this much was already more than enough for me. Of course how the boss is so is the business. Watch this movie,it should be a warning...
It is about how Facebook was founded.


Forgot to mention, that in the last months before I deleted the Facebook account, the site sent me huge amounts of spam e-mail, like XY friend of yours posted a new photo and so on. I had had then enough... that was really invasive.


When you join a group you always get E mails about postings and comments in the group.All you have to do to stop it is remember to turn off the notifications when you join

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