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aww again and again please someone save them i am going to get intouch with a national tv channel in the uk to set the plight of the galgos off just bare with me

Teresa Watkin

Im in uk going spare at this and feel useless,I have emailed my friend in malaga to go and get them also animals in distress/pepis dog rescue.someone tell them someone will be coming and not to kill them omg

Minna Eskola

That´s awful. What can I do to help? I´m in Nerja...

Beryl Brennan

The best will be to contact the people whose emails are given in the post and see what they are trying to sort out. They maybe in contact with some associations. I hope whenever I post these appeals that associations will themselves make contact, but I know the shelters are all overflowing - it's the worst year ever for galgos in killing stations - well, for every type of dog in a killing station - worst year ever.


hi did you get intouch with contact on this post and what was the outcome i been run off my feet with one thing and another hope this been sorted trying to keep up with all the story on these appeals


hi you can write to the spanish embassy and spanish consulate about this horrid problem i have sent a letter to each of them the address is on gal news somewhere if you cant find leave message and beryl will print for you im sure we in the middle of getting lots of letters photo copied now to send to same place we have 2 beutiful gals over here now what we are promoting we will be setting date soon for our local paper interview and hopefully local tv and then in oct hoping for national tv got the gals at a big event in june hoping they get lots of attention cause they sooooo deserve it

Beryl Brennan

Well done, Jen, you are another star for the galgos. Beryl

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