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Sylvia Müller

Stop this pervers cruelty!


beryl can you get me postal address for this letter to go to please

Beryl Brennan

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Have asked Vivienne for one - she organised the
letter. So far, no reply.


Helping to
make a difference


Me and other people received today the following answer from the Seprona via e-mail:

"El SEPRONA de la Guardia Civil tiene entre otras misiones de protección de la naturaleza y el Medio Ambiente, la protección animal. En el año 2011 se registraron más de 12.000 actuaciones relacionadas con perros, un 10 % galgos, lo que denota una constante tensión vigilante y preventiva del Seprona sobre este particular.

Recibimos numerosas comunicaciones que son reproducciones reiteradas referentes al maltrato animal, conteniendo noticias vagas, difusas e inconcretas. Desde esta Jefatura se le anima que en caso de poseer datos precisos, sean denunciados ante la sede policial más cercana a su domicilio."

What should we do with it? Should we write anything back to them?
I barely understand what they are telling, my Spanish is nearly zero.


Lisa Tyrrell

It translates as:

Regarding your email regarding the protection of greyhounds, the following is reported:

The Civil Guard SEPRONA has among its missions of protecting nature and the environment, animal protection. In 2011 there were more than 12,000 dog-related activities, 10% dogs, indicating a constant tension and preventive Seprona vigilant on this issue.

We received many communications that are repeated views concerning the mistreatment of animals, containing news vague, diffuse and unspecific. From this headquarters is encouraged in case of having accurate data, are reported to the police station nearest to your home.

What is reported for information,


So Basically it is useless and telling people to go to their local police station. What should we do next?

Beryl Brennan

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Thank you, thats the gist of what I had
translated. Its as I keep saying, everyone who comes across a case of
animal cruelty HAS to make a denuncia to Seprona, which has to include photos of
the animal, the place where it was found/kept, date, time, details....doesnt
matter if the animal hasnt a microchip. To check more, ask Sandra Baas of
Baas Galgo. The hunters deny any cruelty goes on. If people dont
make a denuncia, then they win! The other thing to do is to keep
supporting the letter-writing campaigns and petition-signing which I publicise
on Galgo News and Podenco Post.

Thanks for caring.


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