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Thank you, Galgo News! I am the lady who first raised the question, and am pleased to have found a source of information both reasonable and based on experience.

I am now exploring the possibility of buying up our Neighborhood Association´s entire "Coto de Caza" rights when the coto comes up for renewal next year. (the rights are now held by a hunting club from outside the area.) The cost is very low, and we could, perhaps, open the Coto to people who want to exercise their dogs off the lead, or even run their galgos freely.

I will let you all know if this is workable!
Rebekah Scott
Moratinos, Palencia

Beryl Brennan

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Bon Soir

WOW, how amazing would that be. Please,
Rebekah, keep emailing me as to how your application progresses. It is
such important information for anyone living in Spain who wishes to exercise
their dogs loose off the lead. We know that the galgueros will
particularly target anyone with an ex-hunting dog as a companion pet and we need
to build as big a reference centre as possible to record everyones

Thank you for raising the question. Thank you
for sharing your experience. Thank you Andy and Charl for your
input. Anyone else with input/experiences - your comments/input wilol be
very welcome.


Helping to
make a difference

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about life in Deux-Sevres


Gosh I am so shock every day there is another rule to living in Spain I am starting to wish I never moved here apart from finding my beautiful Podenco and nursing her, my Dogs love to run free on the campo although when the hunters come I always move to the beach I have had Police drive passed me many times saying nothing YOU CAN DO RIGHT FOR DOING WRONG IN SPAIN even my spainish friends will tell you that, thanks for the info I feel its another nail in the coffin to living here in spain !!

Beryl Brennan

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It seems to me that it depends where you live in
Spain, where you walk, and the mood of anyone seeing your dogs running
free. You will know laws can be interpreted differently in each region;
then it probably also depends on the attitude of the hunters in your area; and
if a Guardia hasan attitude problem because hes in a bad mood; all
could influence whether you are stopped or not. Sounds wise not to walk on
the campo if hunters are about, or in the hunting season. We have a
reservoir near us in France and the public are not allowed on the walks around
it from January to the end of June - because the birds are nesting.
Luckily its a nature reserve, so no shooting of the birds. Im sure there
are some positives to your life in Spain!


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