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for a minute i thought i was going to get to some upsetting news on this story wow what achange a happy ending lucho i am thinking of you and well done chris for getting lucho this far bless you both

Louise Bystrup

My galgo is also positive for Leishmania. He gets Alluporinol and is feeling really well. No symptoms at all. We have ordered Glucantime injections though....... But now I read that you succeed with Domperidone ...what is that?? Maybe the injections are not necessary or???......
Love Louise, Denmark


Hi I just wanted to let you know that Alopurinol IS in fact available in the UK without problem. I have re-homed 2 dogs to the UK with Leishmania and both owners have had no problem at all in obtaining their supplies.

Beryl Brennan

That's good to know, Wendy. It must be fairly recent because last year a British couple had to return to Spain to be able to get Alopurinol for their English setter, adopted in Spain with leishmania. How does one get hold of it - by prescription from a vet, presumably - for which the vet will charge a consultation fee for the first visit - then is it available by repeat prescription.

Your input will be very helpful.

Beryl Brennan

Hi Louise. Best ask your vet,


Allopurinol is used commonly in the UK for gout in humans. It ia available on prescription or can be bought in high street chemist shops such as BOOTS.

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