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Mieke Ronnie

This MUST STOP !!!!

Magda Wallova

this must definitely stop! and if they have even a proof, a video, which is in no way to be discarded as a fabrication, how can they still keep on lying? And their lies being accepted? I am still shocked and have to pinch myself we are living in 21st century, as those kind of things do definitely not portray a progress, a new millennium? those barbarian acts say just the opposite. We really have nothing better to amuse ourselves, but taking pleasure in torturing those who cannot fight back? It is disgusting no doubt about that, and it is up to to government to address this important issue surely.
That animal organisations are facing difficulties in protesting against 'corridas" or bull fighting is one thing, there goes the defence of the 'tradition' and is tough reasoning with the authorities.
But what is the excuse here??
This goes beyond my comprehension really. I do write this because just reading about it upsets me and cant believe it can be allowed and nothing can be done against that. Unfortunately I do live very far a way (expatriated in Bangladesh) so all I can add is my opinion and sometime a financial aid... i am sure if I was living in the country where that is going on, I would have been physically involved fighting the injustice.
I do my bit here in Bangladesh, trying to home few dogs, try to get treatments for injured animals, and it is very difficult but possible at least to help some...
Anyway, I hope something will change, I hope the people going against this issue will be finally heard and things might change. I do hope so with all my heart.

Beryl Brennan

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Thank you for expressing your feelings here, which
so many people share. If you purchase a copy of my book, it will explain to some
extent how the situation has arisen and the difficulty in getting changes made
to bring it to an end. Catalunya has banned bullfighting, there will be no
bullfighting in Barcelona now, so that is a start. But it is a long uphill
struggle, changing the mindset of a culture in which respect for animals is zero
amongst so many. But the valiant volunteers in Spain who work to help the
abused animals -dogs, cats, horses, donkeys - are amazing people and do
what they can to improve the situation. Unfortunately, corruption plays a
major part - and hunters will always look after their own, through the legal
system which should be used to stamp out cruelty.

You can purchase my book through Galgo News.
Congratulations on your work in Bangladesh, without you and others like you,
what would happen to the animals. Again, educating the people will be an
important part of helping.


Helping to
make a difference


this is disgusting heart breaking the spanish government have got to stop this situation


Is this the perrera where dogs appear on facebook from "SOS Perrera Badajoz" ???

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